snap2 Overview, Features, and Screenshots

This is the official website of snap2, an rsync-based, open-source, free backup program for Linux.

I also offer various Linux and open-source-related articles and tools.  Please see the links under "Linux Stuff" in the right margin.

Version: 4.x
Status: Production (stable/tested)

Snap2 can create and manage a series of rotating backup snapshots.  A backup snapshot is a full backup of your files as they were at a given point in time.  However, thanks to Linux hard links and the fact that rsync only has to transmit changes in files, these backups only take a small amount of disk space and bandwidth. Read more »

Simple mysql backup via rsync

Here is a simpler alternative to my incremental backup described here.  

This method is simpler to implement, and has the advantage that the backup can be used (restored) as-is.  Also, the mysql administrative database is backed up.

The idea is to directly backup the databases using rysnc.  rsync is remarkably efficient and will only transmit the deltas (changed portions of files).  Furthermore, the backup data that is transmitted will be compressed.   Read more »

About Lloyd's Free PayPal/Chase/BNCR CSV to QIF Online Converter

The PayPal/Chase Bank/BNCR CSV to QIF converter requires an encrypted connection, and therefore is hosted on my company website.  Please first read the below, then convert your PayPal/Chase/BNCR CSV files. To convert a CSV file generated by Chase Bank, the file must be named 'chase.csv' (case-insensitive). Read more »

D2X-XL Debian/Ubuntu Binary Packages

d2x-xl v1.15.336
architectures: i386 and amd64


These are Debian/Ubuntu binary installation packages for d2x-xl.  Included are 3 demo levels which give a good idea of this amazing game. Read more »

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