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CPU GPU wonkyness

Sun, 01/07/2018 - 00:13
Ok so a bit of rambling. Recently my display has been switching to black for a few seconds then relighting with a display showing it reacquired the digital signal. I was thinking either the video card was going bad or the power supply so I started watching the temps religiously. I noticed that when watching video (netflix mainly) in a window cpu temps would rise, sometimes very high but gpu temps would stay pretty steady but when moving to fullscreen the cpu temps actually decreased and the gpu temps pegged at 55c and upwards. Still not really knowing what was up I tried some driver upgrades and on rebooting got the dreaded multiple beeping. Hooking up a spare PSU temporarily got the machine back up but now all the temps seemed a bit higher than before. I eventually built a new system and now all the temps are great but there was one last thing to note. While spending quite some time at the console (no X) I then entered X and the GPU was pegged at 57c. Why would the gpu be running at max when using the console. This occurs on both old and new systems.

Old System:
AMD phenom x4 9850
Nvidia 760 ti gfx card with the nvidia proprietary driver.
4 g of ram

New System
Intel i5 2600
16 g of ddr4
same gfx for the moment, the new one hasn't arrived yet.

LXer: January 2018 catalog of hacker-friendly SBCs

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 23:43
Published at LXer:

This catalog accompanies our January 2018 round-up of hacker-friendly SBCs. Here, we provide brief descriptions, specs, pricing, and links to further details for all 103 SBCs. Our January 2018 hacker-friendly single board computer round-up comprises three resources: an overview of recent SBC market trends; this catalog, which provides descriptions, specs, pricing, and links to related […]


Conexant cx24120/cx24118 dvbs

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 23:20
Hi everyone
I have a Conexant CX24120/CX24118 dvb-s tv card under Ubuntu 17.10 64X system.I think its allready installed.
But there is no device called /dev/video0 and most of the softwares are working with this device how could we activate this device?

Code: $ uname -a
Linux whynot-Bus 4.13.0-21-generic #24-Ubuntu SMP Mon Dec 18 17:29:16 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux Code: $ ls /dev/dvb/adapter0/
ca0  demux0  dvr0  frontend0 Code: $ lspci -vvv | grep -i "SkyStar"
07:02.0 Network controller: Techsan Electronics Co Ltd B2C2 FlexCopII DVB chip / Technisat SkyStar2 DVB card (rev 02)
        Subsystem: Techsan Electronics Co Ltd B2C2 FlexCopII DVB chip / Technisat SkyStar2 DVB card Code: $ dmesg | grep DVB
[  29.940245] dvbdev: DVB: registering new adapter (FlexCop Digital TV device)
[  32.209969] cx24120: Conexant cx24120/cx24118 - DVBS/S2 Satellite demod/tuner
[  33.382806] b2c2_flexcop_pci 0000:07:02.0: DVB: registering adapter 0 frontend 0 (Conexant CX24120/CX24118)...
[  33.382852] b2c2-flexcop: initialization of 'Sky2PC/SkyStar S2 DVB-S/S2 rev 3.3' at the 'PCI' bus controlled by a 'FlexCopIIb' complete Code: $ dmesg | grep -i b2c2
[  29.887679] b2c2-flexcop: B2C2 FlexcopII/II(b)/III digital TV receiver chip loaded successfully
[  29.941797] b2c2-flexcop: MAC address = 00:08:f9:e1:ac:0f
[  33.382801] b2c2-flexcop: ISL6421 successfully attached.
[  33.382803] b2c2-flexcop: found 'Conexant CX24120/CX24118' .
[  33.382806] b2c2_flexcop_pci 0000:07:02.0: DVB: registering adapter 0 frontend 0 (Conexant CX24120/CX24118)...
[  33.382852] b2c2-flexcop: initialization of 'Sky2PC/SkyStar S2 DVB-S/S2 rev 3.3' at the 'PCI' bus controlled by a 'FlexCopIIb' complete Thanks

LXer: Step by step guide to reset root password in Mysql

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 21:54
Published at LXer:

Working with MySQL or MariaDB database, you might have faced a situation where you might have forgotten root or another user’s password or being SysAdmin, you might have had to deal with users who...


[SOLVED] Upgrade to 14.2 Keyboard and X Issues

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 21:39
Greetings and thank you for seeking info or to help. I'm still working on this but as some behavior is quite odd to me I will be checking this thread and any assistance is greatly appreciated.

OK - Setting - I run two versions of Slackware, one main that is Multilib 14.2 with a custom 4.14.12 kernel and another for DAW work that was 32bit 14.0 with a custom 3.12.0 kernel. They have run fine for a very long time. However I decided to upgrade 14.0 32 bit to 14.2 32 bit for several reasons once I discovered I could successfully run it alsa-only. This thread is about that process.

I did the upgrades incrementally, first to 14.1 32 bit which ran fine but I still needed a newer glibc so, after insuring everything worked normally as 14.1 I used the same recommended process as per slackdocs to upgrade to 14.2 32 bit.

Everything seemed to progress nicely and I was careful to keep both the hugesmp kernel from 14.1 as well as the original (to me) custom kernel from 14.0, both of which were successful. I also used the custom kernels config to build a new 4.14.12 kernel using make oldconfig, checked it with make menuconfig, and built and installed it as an option hopefully to become the next Main. I've had problems with each of these so I subsequently also enabled the newer default hugesmp kernel from the 14.2 32bit install disk.

I can boot to runlevel 3 with all of those kernels but suffer 2 or 3 problems.

1) with my custom 4.14.12 kernel, I installed the latest nvidia proprietary driver that had worked both as 14.0 and 14.1. However with the 14.2 install X fails to start whether I try my usual "kdm" (it just sits there) or "startkde" or "startx" whether as root or user. I get an error saying $DISPLAY is not set but I'm using the exact same "/etc/X111/xorg.conf" that worked fine on both 14.0 and 14.1. I also get a message that libxshmfence does not exist which is particularly odd since it does but seems to be the 1.0.0 version from 14.1 not 1.2.0 (iirc) from 14.2. Unless I made a typo that had extremely few consequences, at least in error messages during the upgrade to 14.2, I did type
Code: upgradepkg --install-new /root/slackware/*/*.t?z This not starting X or finding $DISPLAY with which to start it is the ultimate issue.

2) A somewhat lesser, but way more troublesome problem rather boggles my mind. Whether I use the included 14.2 huge-smp kernel or even the install disk's hugesmp.s, I get to a CLI login but my wireless keyboard, which works fine during other installs and all previous slackware versions and kernels but is inoperable with the included huge-smp kernel(s). FWIW the original 14.0 custom kernel v3.12.0 and the new custom 4.14.12 both have keyboard working normally.

I realize this may seem daunting with so many variables but I would appreciate any kind soul's input on either or both issues. FWIW After a long night of troubleshooting I can't ATM recall if I ever tried to reach X from the custom 3.12.0 kernel from 14.0 out of desperation but I do recall considering that to be possibly risky given the considerable difference in glibc that compiled it, but if that isn't as risky as I imagine, I'd even try that.

I generally don't like to ask for help on such deep level issues since troubleshooting such is like a great crash course where I always learn a lot, but I just woke up and feel a bit perplexed, especially over the damned keyboard issue even though that's only an interim step. I mean, how is that even possible?

Sorry if this is a rambling mess but I will get back and clear it up soon. Thanks again.

Newbie | How to create ubuntu server..?

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 20:53
Please let me know, how to create ubuntu server step by step. Thanks.

CUPS - automatically adding driver to windows PC's

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 20:52
hi all,

i have made a CUPS server and i have installed papercut NG on it aswell

it works great im really happy as the end users need to download the papercut client via the smb share (\\CUPS\client), once they download that they then add the printer via -


but then it asks the end user for the driver to install, is there a way to automatically dish it out so the end user does nothing as they arnt tech savy shall we say



Hi All, I am albait

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 20:47
Hi All, I am Albait. Nice to meet you. I am very happy to join in this forum.

How to install GLPI in CentOS7?

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 20:44
Please let me know, how to install GLPI in CentOS7? Thanks.

LXer: Critical CSRF Security Vulnerability in phpMyAdmin Database Tool Patched

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 20:06
Published at LXer:

If you've got MySQL or MariaDB running on any of your machines -- and you probably do -- then there's a good chance you're also running phpMyAdmin, a popular free and open source MySQL administration tool. That means you might have a problem.


openindinana live boot wifi not working

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 19:20
yep I am only in live USB boot check it out mode, and the wifi is not working. says it is down. the hw is Intel
25:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 (rev 35)

there page says yes, it sees it but says it is down, I could not find anything on a command to bring it up. to get it to scan to get an IP. coffee shop public wifi usage here.

Amazon releases it version of Linux: Amazon Linux 2

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 19:20
Didn't see anything under Linux News on this, so I will post it here:

Since Amazon assimilates everything, I'm wondering how long will it take Amazon to overtake Red Hat in the Enterprise market:

Synaptic And Other Things Not Working in a fresh install of Debian 9

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 19:04
After a fresh installation of Debian 9 things stopped working properly and I think that libraries are missing. Notice I said 'think'

At one point Synaptic launched w/o root privileges.
Now, when booted into the XFCE DE Synaptic will only launch by executing 'synaptic' as root in the konsole.

Synaptic launches w/o any problems while booted into the Mate DE.

LightDM launches in the Mate DE but not in the KDE DE. Also I don't have lightDM-KDE-greeter in the KDE DE.

I looked in Synaptic to see what is installed. Here's the list:

Code: lightdm
liblightdm-gobject-1-0 It looks like the API's are missing libraries and this is why Synaptic and other things are either crashing or not launching at all.

How can I find out what libraries are missing and what libraries to install?

OR is this a front end issue? How do I fix this?

Here's the other thread where things aren't going well with this install.

BTW the SHA for the Debian 9 .iso checked out fine.

[SOLVED] ...

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 18:56

..../ffmpeg/ cannot execute binary file"

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 18:46
io ho un problema con il nas qnap ts 431p;
Ho installato wordpress, e tutto è filato liscio, fino a quando iniziando a girare wp, non mi crea delle anteprime di file video: con la scriita di errore da titolo:

..../ffmpeg/ cannot execute binary file"

Cortesemente qualcuno a cui è gia capitato questo, mi sa dire come devo operare.
Su google ho trovato poco.

...praticamente è un plugin di wp che dovrebbe creare delle anteprime/preview di file video....

Come si fa ad attivare il funzionamento di ffmpeg?

All posts to LQ are to be in English; Quote: Mod used Google translate;
Good morning,
I have a problem with the nas qnap ts 431p;
I installed wordpress, and everything went smoothly, until when starting to run wp, it does not create me previews of video files: with the scriita of error from title:

.... / ffmpeg / can not execute binary file "

Kindly someone who has already happened this, I can say how I should operate.
On google I found little.

... it's basically a wp plugin that should create previews / previews of video files ....

How do you enable ffmpeg to work?

GPG key trouble LM18.3

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 18:33
Recently installed LM18.3 and I have one pub key and one secret key for my keyring.

I opened nemo-seahorse and imported the 2 keys, they were accepted. I have one gpg file that I need to decrypt easily IE: not using the terminal... but when I click or right click on that file I get a list of things to use to open it,none of which are applicable... notmally I'd get a window to type in a passphrase as before in Mint 17.3.

Is there an addon program that I need to make this work in 18.3? I don't recall doing anything special in 17.3 so this puzzles me,

The keys are not on a keyserver they are just for my own use.

Thanks a lot.


chromium browser on mint18.2

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 18:18
Having a few issues with chromium (I think) which seem to build up over time
but to cut a long story short (and for different reasons) I noticed - in Code: ps -auxwww - the cmdline for chromium. I've added it at the end because it's 1903 bytes long.

Basically there's a param switch which seems odd to me :

Code: --content-image-texture-target It basically seems to define 7 x 18 instances of a code - 3553. What is this and why is such a structure being passed on the cmd? Seems a bit inelegant at best and makes me wonder if I have a problem with my installation. I've been trying to work out what might require something of dimensions 7x18 all with the same code in the first place(??).

Code: Version 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build) Built on Ubuntu , running on LinuxMint 18.2 (64-bit)
Code: /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser --type=renderer --enable-pinch --field-trial-handle=12862123195379126886,17905624686604212758,131072 --service-pipe-token=316B880DBD8C2D72B000810F6FDB0A8A --lang=en-US --extension-process --enable-offline-auto-reload --enable-offline-auto-reload-visible-only --ppapi-flash-path=/usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin/ --ppapi-flash-version= --enable-pinch --num-raster-threads=1 --enable-gpu-async-worker-context --content-image-texture-target=0,0,3553;0,1,3553;0,2,3553;0,3,3553;0,4,3553;0,5,3553;0,6,3553;0,7,3553;0,8,3553;0,9,3553;0,10,3553;0,11,3553;0,12,3553;0,13,3553;0,14,3553;0,15,3553;0,16,3553;0,17,3553;1,0,3553;1,1,3553;1,2,3553;1,3,3553;1,4,3553;1,5,3553;1,6,3553;1,7,3553;1,8,3553;1,9,3553;1,10,3553;1,11,3553;1,12,3553;1,13,3553;1,14,3553;1,15,3553;1,16,3553;1,17,3553;2,0,3553;2,1,3553;2,2,3553;2,3,3553;2,4,3553;2,5,3553;2,6,3553;2,7,3553;2,8,3553;2,9,3553;2,10,3553;2,11,3553;2,12,3553;2,13,3553;2,14,3553;2,15,3553;2,16,3553;2,17,3553;3,0,3553;3,1,3553;3,2,3553;3,3,3553;3,4,3553;3,5,3553;3,6,3553;3,7,3553;3,8,3553;3,9,3553;3,10,3553;3,11,3553;3,12,3553;3,13,3553;3,14,3553;3,15,3553;3,16,3553;3,17,3553;4,0,3553;4,1,3553;4,2,3553;4,3,3553;4,4,3553;4,5,3553;4,6,3553;4,7,3553;4,8,3553;4,9,3553;4,10,3553;4,11,3553;4,12,3553;4,13,3553;4,14,3553;4,15,3553;4,16,3553;4,17,3553;5,0,3553;5,1,3553;5,2,3553;5,3,3553;5,4,3553;5,5,3553;5,6,3553;5,7,3553;5,8,3553;5,9,3553;5,10,3553;5,11,3553;5,12,3553;5,13,3553;5,14,3553;5,15,3553;5,16,3553;5,17,3553;6,0,3553;6,1,3553;6,2,3553;6,3,3553;6,4,3553;6,5,3553;6,6,3553;6,7,3553;6,8,3553;6,9,3553;6,10,3553;6,11,3553;6,12,3553;6,13,3553;6,14,3553;6,15,3553;6,16,3553;6,17,3553 --disable-accelerated-video-decode --service-request-channel-token=316B880DBD8C2D72B000810F6FDB0A8A --renderer-client-id=4 --shared-files=v8_context_snapshot_data:100,v8_natives_data:101,v8_snapshot_data:102

LXer: Open Source Leaders: Take Intel to Task

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 18:00
Published at LXer:

For a long time engineers, programmmers and sysadmins alike have been beholden to hardware design flaws. Constantly dealing with work arounds from unpexpected bugs to changes that make little sense. Many Open Source leaders have a voice, they can change things if they come together now.


Watch movie and now display was stretched

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 17:58
We used my Laptop to watch a movie the other night. A vga cable connects it to the tv. Afterwards the display on my monitor was stretched too wide. I tried messing with fonts, icon size, conky settings, cairo-dock settings, chromium settings all in an effort to return my display to normal

Was chatting with my son about it and he asked if the cable was still attached. It was.
Disconnect cable, logout, restart x and now is OK.

Is there some other way to gain control?

new to linux need some advise

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 17:39
Hello I just bought a new computer from a HS friend and I am having trouble getting to my girlfriends Hotmail account. Also I have a special software package and it will load on Linux system. Is there anyone out there that could help? please advise and thanks. mike