Download and Installation

Debian Lenny or Squeeze, and Debian derivatives such as Ubuntu:

Installing gtkdialog: One of the snap2 dependencies is gtkdialog, which is no longer available in the official Debian repositories.  I believe it is still available in the Ubuntu repositories - if it is not, see below.

gtkdialog (for amd84 and i384 architectures) is available from my personal repository, which also provides the latest version of snap2.  Either download and install the appropriate gtkdialog "deb" package, or (recommended) add my repository to your Debian/Ubuntu repositories by adding the following line to the file /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb lloyd main

You can also add the repository using a Debian package management program such as synaptic or adept.

Adding the repository to your repository list is the best way to install and update both snap2 and gtkdialog, because dependencies will automatically be met, and updates will be easy to install.  After adding the new repository, be sure to refresh your package list (apt-get update). 

Once the repository is added, install snap2 using your favorite package manager (such as synaptic or adept), or at the command line as root: apt-get install snap2

If you prefer, you can instead download the gtkdialog and snap2 deb files for your architecture.  In this case, after downloading you would click on the downloaded .deb to install it, or, as root, execute dpkg -i snap2.deb

Puppy Linux:

Download the latest pet file here:

All other Linux distributions:

  1. Make sure you have installed the following packages:
    rsync, grep, sed, openssh-client, and gtkdialog. gtkdialog is available here.
  2. Download the latest zip version of the program at
  3. As root, unpack the archive to the ROOT of your filesystem, maintaining the directory structure in the zip archive. 
  4. Create 3 menu entries:
    snap2 (command: snap2)
    snap2 snapshot backup (command: snap2shell snapshot)
    snap2 mirror backup  (command: snap2shell mirror)

 For help on running the program see Backing up With snap2


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