Free Web Editor Overview and Features


LGS Webedit is an open source, multi-platform "what you see is what you get" browser-based web editor built upon the famous open source FCKeditor javascript html editor.  It is a complete web editing solution, suitable for small or large websites.  It is very easy to use.

The editor installs on the (Linux) server.  You can edit or create your website from any computer running an Internet browser program, no software  needed.  Edit pages while "on the road."  It takes the place of complex editors like Frontpage (Windows) and NVU (Linux).  It is fast and lightweight.

LGS Webedit is not a CMS (content management system), but it has a very powerful SSI shared content feature that gives some of the benefits of CMS,  but with much lower overhead. (See shared content.) A site banner, disclaimer or copywrite, and menus can be stored in files which are "shared" by many pages of the site.  When one of the shared files is updated, the changes immediately appear throughout the website. 

Features Summary:

  • Free Open Source Software (Donations support anti-Sickle Cell Anemia program in Africa.)
  • Cross-Browser: Internet Explorer 5.5+, Firefox 1.0+, Mozilla 1.3+, Netscape 7.1+, Opera 9.5+.
  • Cross-Platform: Works with web browsers running on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Fast and Easy: Create/Edit your pages directly in the web browser ("What You See Is What You Get).  Click and your page is published and live!
  • Can edit HTML pages generated by other page creation software, such as Dreamweaver.  Even edits most non-standards-compliant pages, such as those generated by FrontPage.
  • As-you-type spell-checking in Mozilla/Firefox
  • Support for upload of images and selecting image files already on the server.
  • Create and edit files in any subdirectory of your website.
  • Site-wide CSS support.
  • Choose XHTML or HTML 4.0 document type on a per-document basis.
  • Supports shared menus, headers, and footers through SSI (server side includes)
  • SSI "Shared" content regions are shown in the editor, and can optionally be edited there.
  • Files are password-protected, or you can use web server directives for password protection instead.
  • Support for embedded javascript, with caveats.
  • Delete/rename of files.
  • Thoroughly tested on IE and Firefox.
  • The other great features of this web editor (too many to even mention here) are the editing features provided by FCKeditor.  For documentation on the FCKeditor, please visit the FCKeditor wiki pages at

Requirements for LGS Webedit

  • Linux webserver
  • FCKeditor installed on server (
  • PHP 4.0+
  • Directory permissions must be 777.
  • Ownership on existing html files to edit with LGS Webedit should be set to the web server user (usually "apache" or "www-data").

If You're Interested

  1. Try out the demo.  The demo opens in the editor, and has fairly complete instructions with tutorial.
  2. Download
  3. Install
  4. Donate to support my Sickle Cell Anemia project in Nigeria

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