Snap2 Not Running on Puppy Linux

It was working before, but now nothing happens when launching from the menu. A launch from the command line returns an error. gtk dialog: Error in line 30, near token '': syntax error aborting... /sr/local/bin/snap2 Line 1432: 9585 Aborted $GTKDIALOG --program=MAIN_DIALOG ABORT: gtkdialog exited with error 134 at line 624

4.8 Doesnt Do It Either

On run from command line:

** ERROR **: gtkdialog: Error in line 38, near token '': syntax error

/usr/local/bin/snap2: line 1441: 11014 Aborted $GTKDIALOG --prog ram=MAIN DIALOG
ABORT: gtkdialog exited with error 134 at 633

Well, as I suggested before,

Well, as I suggested before, please send me by email a copy of your settings file (at ~/.snap2/default.set/settings (where '~' refers to your home directory). Then try deleting that file and running snap2 again.

rsync error 127

Deleting the settings file worked - I launched snap2 successfully. I set up ssh public key authentication, and hit "back up now." For each client folder I'm trying to back up, it returned:

rsync: connection unexpectedly closed
rsync error: remote command not found (code 127)

It looks to me like you do

It looks to me like you do not have rsync installed on the remote server, or that your remote server user does not have permission to run rsync, or that ssh public key authentication has failed.

You should check that public key authentication for ssh really is properly set up by making an ssh connection to the remote server. (ssh You should be able to log in to a shell session without providing any password.

Looking at the settings file that you sent me by email (thanks), I see your backup storage directory is simply "backup". I'm not sure that a relative path will work here. I have always used a full path name (starting with a '/') to the storage directory on the remote server. I need to specify that in the documentation.

PS I checked my code and I see that the snap2 GUI will not allow a relative pathname for the backup storage directory. I guess you must have edited the settings file manually, then.

For the next release of snap2, absolute paths will be a requirement for source path (paths to backup) as well. That is, the GUI will reject relative paths.

PS Done for version 4.9, plus I added a check for rsync on the remote server, plus more checks for empty settings file variables.

I was able to ssh from a

I was able to ssh from a terminal, so public key authentication seems to work.

I didn't edit the settings manually.

Installed 4.9 - My server does not in fact have rsync. I didn't realized it needed rsync when I started playing with snap2 a while ago. Maybe I missed it in the documentation.

Anyway, I don't know how to install rsync and the rsync daemon on my server. Can you point me in the right direction?

For backup to local media,

For backup to local media, snap2 checks for rsync and won't run without it, but did not have any check for rsync on the remote backup server until version 4.9. Even so, the check is only for snapshot type backups (not mirror backups).

Sorry, none of the snap2 documentation mentioned that rsync has to be installed on the remote backup server. I just added a prominent mention of that here:

I can't very well advise on how to install rsync without knowing what Linux distro you're running on the remote server. If it is Debian or Debian-derived, you can install it by issuing these 2 commands as root:

apt-get update
apt-get install rsync

rsync daemon mode is not used by snap2. All you have to do is install rsync - no additional configuration is necessary.

New snap2 release should fix problem

I believe the latest release, version 4.8, will prevent the possibility of the problem.

It looks like you have an

It looks like you have an empty variable. snap2 is supposed to detect that, but it looks like I have overlooked one.

Try deleting or renaming the active configuration file (probably ~/.snap2/default.set/settings)

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