Ubuntu Installation under Lucid Lynx

I thought you should know (though you may already) that the gtkdialog package is not in the ubuntu repositories for Lucid Lynx. The most recent version of this package is in the karmic koala repositories, and can be installed from there as a workaround. http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/i386/gtkdialog/download

I also wanted to say that this seems like one of the best backup solutions I've seen for desktop linux users. The stability of rsync with an easier-to-use GUI is nice. Keep up the good work.

Thanks very much for your

Thanks very much for your comment on my program. I'm sorry for the delay in responding. linuxbackups.org (a Drupal-powered site) was misconfigured and did not notify me about your forum post.

I recently (after the last release of snap2) that gtkdialog support was removed from Debian Sid (the next Debian stable release). I had worked hard to get snap2 into Debain, so finding out that gtkdialog is "dead upstream" (as a Debian Developer put it) was really crushing.

I didn't know that gtkdialog is missing from Lucid Lynx, but now I'm not surprised. I think that after a couple more Ubuntu releases, the workaround you described (installing from karmic) will stopping working.

I am really disgusted, and frankly have not anything more with snap2 since I found out it is not going to work in the next Debian. gtkdialog is the only GUI frontend I know of that is capable of complex user interfaces.

It looks like snap2 is doomed in its present form, and I don't have time to write a completely new program to replace the GUI portion of snap2. The command line portion of snap2 will work without gtkdialog, but as you can imagine, that is not the least bit user friendly.

I don't know where linuxbackups.org is going now. This website was set up primarily to support and promote snap2.

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