Shared Content Files

Header and footer files have special names beginning "_ssitop" and "_ssitail".  The files for this demo are named "_ssitop1.htm" and "_ssitail1.htm."


Header File  (file to include at the beginning of the page)

"_ssitop" followed by up to 10 characters and ending "htm" or "html".  Examples: _ssitop1.html, _ssitopgreen.shtml.

Footer File (file to include at the end of the page)

"_ssitail" followed by up to 9 characters and ending "htm" or "html".  Examples: _ssitail1.html, _ssitailgreen.shtml.

Other SSI-Included file (file to include at any other point in your pages)

"_ssi" followed by up to 13 characters and ending "htm" or "html".  Examples: _ssiredbox.html, _ssiscroller.shtml.

LGS Webedit will display any SSI files' content in the proper position, and any changes made to the shared content regions regions will be saved, if SSI Files Edit mode is selected. (Shared content will not be displayed if the SSI Files mode is set to "Hide".)

Header and footer file content does not show in the editor until the page is saved.  Then, the header and footer file content appears in  the editor surrounded by colored boxes.  These are referred to here as "shared content regions."

To modify header and footer file content, just make your changes in the shared content regions of any page that uses the header and footer files.  When you save the page, any changes to these regions will automatically be saved to the corresponding header or footer file.  For this to work "SSI Files" pulldown menu must be set to "Edit."


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