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snap2 Overview, Features, and Screenshots

This is the official website of snap2, an rsync-based, open-source, free backup program for Linux.

I also offer various Linux and open-source-related articles and tools.  Please see the links under "Linux Stuff" in the right margin.

Version: 4.x
Status: Production (stable/tested)

Snap2 can create and manage a series of rotating backup snapshots.  A backup snapshot is a full backup of your files as they were at a given point in time.  However, thanks to Linux hard links and the fact that rsync only has to transmit changes in files, these backups only take a small amount of disk space and bandwidth. Read more »

snap2 Version History

25-May-2012 (snap2 4.23)

* (snap2) Bugfix: If filesystem root ('/') is Backup Source Directory, backup exclusions could not be added.
* (snap2) Bigfix: Upon deleting a Backup Source Directory, additional directories could possibly be deleted.
* (snap2 snap2engine) Bugfix: Corrected command line messages when zero daily, weekly, or monthly backups are configured.
* (snap2engine): Add special handling of root source directory ('/') backup exclusions

24-Oct-2011 (snap2 4.22)

* (snap2) Improved user prompts about generation and use of SSH keys for remote server authentication. No functional changes.
24-Oct-2011 (snap2 4.21)

  • (snap2, remoteutils2.sh) changed remote SSH authentication method to "manual," add "Generate SSH Keys" button to "Advanced" tab.

23-Oct-2011 (snap2 4.20)

  • (snap2, remoteutils2.sh) Correct issues with multi-core systems: correct remote SSH authentication detection and remove automatic remote authentication setup.

15-Oct-2011 (snap2 4.19)

  • (snap2) Mirror backup paths did not show 'x' to mark paths that have custom backup exclusions.

   snap2 4.18

  • If backup folder recent.0 exists, indicating aborted previous backup, it can be deleted via 'Backup Tools' on the "Logs and Reports' tab.
  • Updated docs to show program domain name 'crnatural.net/snap2' instead of 'linuxbackups.org'.

   snap2 4.17

  • Fixed menu entry display in Puppy and possibly other non-KDE window managers

    snap2 4.16

  • readme.txt moved to usr/share/snap2 (with symlink at usr/share/doc/snap2/readme.txt)
  • (remoteutils) added check for gunzip on localhost/remote server before attempting to display a compressed logfile


    snap2 4.15

  • (snap2) Avoid unnecessary downloading of backup list after backup deletion
  • (snap2) Adjusted maximum report size for viewing with internal viewer
  • (snap2) Added external logfile viewer config option
  • (snap2) Added LOGS & REPORTS main tab, rearranged and tweaked GUI for clarity
  • (snap2engine) adjusted age decision for promotion of snapshot from weekly to monthly
  • (snap2) Removed 'About' button
  • (snap2) Relaxed check for hard link creation on local backup storage drive, now issue warning to use only mirror backups rather than abort
  • Updated readme.txt, install.txt, Debian package description
  • changed generic package to gzip compression
  • Added manpage
  • modified file locations and permissions (result of Debianization)

4.14 released 6/02/2010 - (Puppy version only.  There is no 4.14 version for other distros)

  • Fixed non-working "snapshot backup now!" menu entry

4.13 (released 5/23/2010)

  • (snap2) Added code to properly deal with remote authentication when the remote hostname or remote login is changed
  • (snap2) removed "Save Backup Settings" button, converted it to global "SAVE" button
  • (snap2) fixed problem with deleting currently-active settings directory
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